We’re concerned with our patients getting professional help. For this purpose, we create personalized campaigns on informing the healthcare professionals about up-to-date treatment methods.
Our mission is to improve treatment outcome and quality of patients’ lives by helping the medicinal product manufacturers communicate with healthcare professionals
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What makes us differ from other providers?
Campaigns on Telegram, VK, and other social media involving artificial intelligence, video marketing, influencers, and automated marketing.
Communication with healthcare professionals in our closed communities
Our own database of doctors: 24 specialties with omnichannel permissions (E-mail, phone, SMS, messengers, social media).
We reach out to every 2nd healthcare professional in Russia
Technology platform which allows reaching out to 50–60 % of healthcare professionals in various clinical areas with adjustable frequency, personalization, and ROI assessment
Unique reach campaign on a turnkey basis – MedUniverse
Integration of the databasebases of doctors for logging into the customer’s websites plus an in-house distance learning platform which can be branded after the company/medication
Our own technology platforms – iMedica and DocID
Current Vacancies
We honor our partners and that is why we are taking much care when building our team. Currently, due to rapid growth in the amount of projects we handle, we are looking for:
Creativity is to discover a question that has never been asked. If one brings up an idiosyncratic question, the answer he gives will necessarily be unique as well.
Project Manager
An important person in the partner relations division. Responsible for building partnership with the customer and managing projects at all stages.
If you are an awesome and creative specialist but you do not find the suitable vacancy, feel free to send your CV to our E-mail:
Creative designer shapes the image of our solutions used by thousands of doctors.
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