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Our comprehensive approach and medical communities are here to ensure growth of Share of Voice among healthcare professionals
We scale healthcare professionals' reach and engagement to grow RX and OTC brands
Progressive omnichannel communications via our communities involving more than 270,000 healthcare professionals
We create
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Using artificial intelligence and marketing automation
Campaigns on interaction with healthcare professionals
Arranging cascade messaging via various communication channels
Personalized digital marketing
Creating content for Russian and international sources using doctoral experience and media to collect information
Content for doctors
Shooting videos aimed at increasing engagement among specialists
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Global operation, local company with more than 10 years of experience on the pharmaceutical market
We have a lot to discuss! Our primary goal is to increase outreach and commitment among healthcare professionals in order to improve sales result.
We begin by analyzing the reach options and assessing the commitment potential. Then we study the target group’s attitude towards the brand and their demands for the content. After that, we create personalized content and develop the approach for promotion to meet the demands.
● Do you have a brand promotion task but your resources are limited?
● Are you looking for ways to increase contact frequency or outreach together with FTF visits or other activities?
● Do you want to maintain the efficiency after the end of F2F promotion?
Our cases
We’ll be happy to share our secrets in successful promotion of medical and pharmaceutical brands but we’ll not mention their names as we value confidentiality.
Increase reach and frequency of contacts with doctors, joint promotion with FTF visits.
More than 23,000 website visitors, 19,000 doctors registered, and 12,000 webinar participants online.
Reach the target doctors living in cities with population over 500,000 people to introduce information about the medication and to register the doctors at the company website.
More than 7,500 target doctors in Russia reached.
Maintenance of the frequency of contact with target group.
Increase of reach among specialists, including those living in isolated regions.

More than 25,000 target doctors in Russia reached.
Registration of general practitioners at the company website.
More than 4,000 general practitioners registered at the website.
Creation of personalized Approved Emails and their uploading to Veeva so that they can be sent by medical representatives during their visits.
67 E-mails in 4 clinical areas with the average performance:
Open Rate – 28 %
Click Rate – 4.5 %
Action Rate – 8 %
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